Multifunctional 12v Hydraulic Hollow Actuating Cylinder For Construction Machineries



Discover the new, multifunctional 12v Hydraulic Hollow Actuating Cylinder specifically designed for construction machineries. This high-performing and reliable component is tailored for use in a variety of industries including building material shops, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, farms, and other machinery industries. Weighing at 50 kg, this robust device comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind in your investment. The core components are non-standard and are primarily made of durable steel, promising a long service life. This product can be customized in terms of color and size, to meet your specific needs and preferences.

To understand the technical specifications of this hydraulic cylinder, it’s important to note that it operates on hydraulic power, thus ensuring efficient performance. The structure of the cylinder is piston-based, meaning it uses a piston for fluid power applications. The piston cylinder design allows for a high force output, making it ideal for heavy-duty construction machinery. The core components, which include bearings, are designed to withstand rigorous usage. The body material is steel, enhancing its strength and durability. With a one-year warranty on core components, you are assured of quality and reliability. The product is new, indicating that it incorporates the latest technology and advancements in hydraulic systems. The marketing type is a new product for 2020, implying that it is a fresh addition to the product line, equipped with the latest features and improvements.

Let’s delve into the outstanding features and benefits of this product from HZPT, a renowned name in the manufacturing industry. The 12v Hydraulic Hollow Actuating Cylinder is a testament to HZPT’s commitment to delivering high-quality, durable, and efficient products. The cylinder’s non-standard structure offers adaptability for a wide range of applications, catering to the varying needs of different industries. Its hydraulic power ensures smooth and efficient operation, while the steel body guarantees resilience and longevity. The product’s customizable features offer flexibility to suit your specific requirements. It’s worthy to note that HZPT also provides professional, environmentally friendly, convenient, and efficient packaging services to ensure the safety of your goods during delivery. Explore this product further and make a purchase to experience the HZPT difference today!

Let’s now move on to some frequently asked questions:


  1. What is the weight of the 12v Hydraulic Hollow Actuating Cylinder?
    The cylinder weighs 50 kg, making it a robust and sturdy component suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  2. What is the warranty period for this product?
    The product comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.
  3. Is the product customizable?
    Yes, the color and size of the product can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Maintenance is crucial for the longevity of any machinery. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically check the hydraulic fluid levels and ensure that all the components are in proper working condition. Also, keep the cylinder clean and free from dust to prevent any wear and tear. Invest in the 12v Hydraulic Hollow Actuating Cylinder today and experience a significant improvement in your construction machinery’s performance.