Custom Non-standard Hydraulic Cylinder For Vehicles Multifunctional



This hydraulic cylinder is custom-made, non-standard, and ideal for vehicles. It is a multifunctional product that is new and comes with a 12-month warranty. It can be utilized in various industries, including Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, and Construction works. Weighing 70 KG, it offers hydraulic power and is made of steel. It’s a versatile tool for any lifting application with a stroke range of 10-6000mm and is available in a color customized to your choice.

The hydraulic cylinder is a core component in any hydraulic system, and its quality can affect the overall performance. This cylinder is nonstandard, meaning it’s designed specifically to fit your unique application and machinery. Its piston structure ensures efficient and smooth operations, contributing to the longevity of your machinery. It’s made from steel to ensure durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it a cost-effective choice for industries that require heavy lifting. Despite its robust build, it only weighs 70 KG, making it relatively easy to handle and install. The hydraulic power provides the strength needed for lifting, and the stroke range of 10-6000mm ensures versatility in application.

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  1. What makes this hydraulic cylinder unique?
    This hydraulic cylinder is custom-made and non-standard, meaning it can be designed to fit unique machinery and applications. It is made of steel for durability and offers a stroke range of 10-6000mm for versatility.
  2. Can this hydraulic cylinder be used in any industry?
    Yes, this hydraulic cylinder can be used in various industries that require lifting, including Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, and Construction works.
  3. What is the warranty period for this hydraulic cylinder?
    The hydraulic cylinder comes with a 12-month warranty, ensuring that you can rely on its quality and performance.

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